In order to provide standardised information on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise, the European Union is to introduce a compulsory label for all new tyres.

By November 2012 all relevant new tyres sold in Europe must carry this EU label.

The label is intended to give end-users some essential information to help them when choosing new tyres.

Manufacturers of tyres for cars, light and heavy trucks must specify fuel consumption, wet grip and noise classification of every tyre sold in the EU.

This information will also be incorporated into technical promotional literature and will be visible on a label placed on the tyre tread. This is the responsibility of tyre manufacturer.

The tyre dealer must ensure that tyres which are visible to the consumer at the point of sale carry a label – the information should also be supplied with the sales invoice.

This initiative stems from the release of the 2009 Energy Efficiency Action Plan by the EU Commission, designed to improve the energy performance of products, buildings and services. The ultimate goal is to reduce energy consumption by 2020 by 20%.