Research and Development

Sailun has made great progress in the tyre industry despite its short history.

Sailun currently invests over 30% of its resources in research and development.

In 2009, Sailun, together with the Qingdao University of Science and Technology, were nominated to develop a National Tyre Process and Control Engineering Technology Research Centre to develop and build the optimal platform to promote and enhance tyre technology. The Centre studies and resolves key technical issues in the tyre manufacturing process. The vision of the Centre is to move the tyre industry forward through the quest for improved technology and the production of higher quality products.

Sailun is the first tyre manufacturer to integrate production, research, and product demonstration into the development of new products. Sailun utilises design technology and three-dimensional design visualization to reduce the length of the tyre design period and to improve its overall quality.

Sailun’s computerised tyre production and manufacturing processes – in conjunction with management techniques and network control systems – allows it to effectively monitor quality control, resource management, marketing, administration and logistics. In addition, Sailun uses advance information technology to help track the data of each tyre produced, and to benchmark the Sailun tyre quality against other leading international standards of quality and design.