Company History

Sailun was born from the visionary leadership of International Businessmen who saw the potential within China for a strong rubber industry.  These Entrepreneurs understood the important role that tires would play in the economic development of China.  Domestically, developments in infrastructure as well as China’s changing political views would pave the way for off-road, passenger and truck tire demand.  Internationally, the world would benefit from Chinese-made tires given China’s proximity to sources of natural rubber and access to a large labor pool willing to help develop a rubber industry. 

With this vision in mind, a roadmap to success was developed.  The roadmap first identified the need to develop the intellectual capital required to design and build tires.  A partnership with the Qingdao University of Science and Technology (the world’s only Engineering program solely focused on rubber technologies) was created to gain access to the best engineers available.  Sailun next focused its attention on tire building equipment and tire production processes. Sailun, procured the best production machinery available, and has continued to upgrade its facilities with only the most advanced equipment possible.

Sailun’s investment in leading edge tire building technology and access to a steady stream of the world’s best and brightest new engineers immediately set it apart and put the company on the path toward massive growth.